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Find information to help you prepare your pieces for mailing and submit your mailing list, or just call us at 206-343-5719 or e-mail us at

Q:  How and when should I send my mailing list?
A:  It is important to remember that without your list, we cannot begin the mailing portion of your job.  Therefore, you should send it to us at the same time as your printing order if at all possible.

Q:  What mailing information must I include to make sure my mail is delivered?
A:  For accurate addressing, your list must include a recipient’s name, address number and name (include apt #, PO Box, or suite #), city, state and zip code. Business lists should include company names and may additionally include title & department fields.

Q:  Is there a minimum quantity you can mail?
A:   Yes.  Postal regulations require a minimum of 500 pieces to qualify for the lowest possible 1st Class Presort postage rates. A list with less than 500 mailable records will be sent at the single-piece 1st class rate.  Bulk mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces to receive the lowest possible pre-sorted postage rates.

Q:  My potential and current customers frequently move from location to another. Is there some way to update my clients’ old addresses with new addresses?
A:  Yes, National Change of Address (NCOA) processing.

Q:  What type of security and safeguards do you provide for the confidential information contained in my mailing list?
A:  We will take prudent steps to maintain the confidentiality, security, and defense of confidential information contained in a Customer's mailing list.

Q:  Should I send my mail "Standard” or "First-Class”?

A:  How you decide to send your mail depends on your postal budget and your delivery needs. Postal rates for "Standard” mail is cheaper, but delivery can take up to a week longer. "First-Class” is typically used for customized and personalized mail, such as statements, notices and recipient-specific mail. "Standard” mail is an excellent and cost-effective option for advertising mail pieces.

Q:  Do I need to have a postal permit to use your mailing services?

A:  No! That’s the greatest advantage of working with Lacy & Par.  We handle all communication with the U.S. Postal Service and can send your mail out using our permit while providing you with the lowest possible postage rates available.


Lacy & Par Inc is a BBB Accredited Mailing Service in Seattle, WA  

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